Unique SW Is Library Of Human Forms

Architect Rachel Rosenthal has created the People for People libraries of the human form, designed for computer artists working in 3D programs such as 3D Studio, AccuRender or other AutoCAD-based rendering systems. The library includes 34 variations of professional "suitpeople," and 42 "casual" and "student- people," allowing artists, architects and engineers to add life and scale to their rendered images. Each person can be moved separately or edited from subparts. Color reference charts for 3D Studio and AutoCAD-based programs show file, layer, mesh and material data, allowing decisions without lengthy test rendering. People for People is a CD-ROM graphics library accessible from DOS, Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms. People for People Software, Laguna Beach, CA, (714) 497-9610. WDMU

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.