DTP Package Debuts Major New Version

Corel is releasing Ventura Publisher 6.0, a significantly upgraded version of their DTP package that includes Corel Script, the scripting language that allows users to automate complex or repetitive tasks and customize programs to their specific needs.

Version 6.0 includes many new features and a number of significantly overhauled program functions. For instance, there are up to 99 levels of undo and character tags. Footnotes can be a single frame across the bottom of the document or can reflect columns.

The table interface has been redesigned to offer multiple paragraphs per cells with footnote, index entry, auto-numbering and cross-reference support.

Ventura Publisher 6.0 also features an integrated document control system for controlling and tracking frequently updated documents.

Its multiple document interface allows more than one publication to be open at the same time; a new document navigation window is also a highlight.

Sophisticated full-text search capabilities by Fulcrum Technologies are closely integrated into Ventura 6.0, providing Boolean and intuitive search. The program also supports multiple master pages that, once defined, can be used in other publications. Corel Corp., Ontario, Canada, (613) 728-8200.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.