Books Turn PC, Mac Into Web Server

Two new books help turn one's Macintosh or Windows computer into a World Wide Web server in a matter of hours. A CD-ROM contains all the shareware necessary, including HTML editors, graphics tools, scripting additions and other goodies.

The WebMaster (Windows or Macintosh) guides outline the origin and rapid growth of the World Wide Web and the nuts and bolts of connecting with an Internet service provider.

Also provided are important details about security, clickable maps & buttons, client/server architecture and CGIs (common gateway interface).

Book authors interviewed professional WebMasters such as Chuck Shotton, developer of WebStar (formerly MacHTTP) and Robert Denny, developer of HTTPd for Windows and WebSite. An exclusive Web site keeps readers up-to-date with the hottest tools, applications and resources.

Plus, both books contain useful Internet mailing lists, newsgroups, Web site addresses and other pointers. AP Professional, San Diego, CA, (619) 699-6362.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.