Share Files & Printers Between Mac & PC

Suited for education's mixed-platform environment, Personal MACLAN 5.0 is one of the first products to allow full peer-to-peer file and printer sharing between Windows-based PCs and the Macintosh.

The software enables PCs to mount local network Macintosh drives as a logical drive letter; Mac users mount Windows drives on their desktop. The new Windows AppleShare client feature permits Windows users to log onto any AppleShare, MacOS or AFP server on the network, with all connections designed for automatic reconnect on startup.

The Mac accesses all PC resources through its Chooser. Mac users can print to PC-based PostScript printers; Windows users can print to AppleTalk-based print devices. Miramar Systems, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, (805) 966-2432.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.