SW Helps Manage Electronic Information

MailKeeper facilitates the capture, storage and retrieval of electronic information, eliminating frustrating searches for files within deeply nested folders.

One creates a custom list of categories to describe files that will be preserved. When looking for a file, simply click on the appropriate category and the program d'es the rest.

If desired, MailKeeper's Guided Information Access automatically categorizes entries as Notes, Addresses or Mail. For example, copied text that includes "http://www" would be recognized as an URL and listed under Addresses.

The software for Macintosh installs no extensions and runs in the background of any application. Nisus Software, Inc., Solana Beach, CA, (619) 481-1477, www.nisus-soft.com/~nisus/ M

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.