Unique Pad & SW Teach Handwriting

KidPad is a hardware/software bundle that teaches handwriting skills -- from early motor skills to advanced cursive.

Students write on the KidPad digitizing tablet with the KidPen stylus. Dexter Dog, an animated character, gives them real-time feedback on their lessons.

The system teaches proper posture and how to hold the pen; teaches the process skills of speed, smoothness and pressure; and teaches shape, slant, spacing, line quality and position.

The KidWrite software, on CD, holds lessons geared to specific levels that incorporate multimedia so that all learning modalities are addressed. Visual and audio feedback and letter correction adjusts to each student's skill level.

The interface is a school's corridor of doors: Class comprises directed lessons and a structured curriculum; Practice allows self-paced review; Games emphasizes motor skills; Art boasts drawing activities; and Office demonstrates proper handwriting form.

A comprehensive management system lets teachers track individual, class and whole school progress. Students can print their work out. The software even provides parents with sheets with areas for practice, as well as a free program that lets them review their child's work at home. Penmanship, Inc., Mountain View, CA, (800) 736-6202. MW

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.