Use Win, DOS, & OS/2 On Same Network

LANtastic for Windows 95 is a 32-bit client/server version of Artisoft's LANtastic network OS.

The software allows users on Windows 95 PCs to access and share files, CD-ROMs and printers with DOS-, Windows- and OS/2-based PCs on a LANtastic network. In addition, the program has enhanced features for network administration, security and the network user's interface.

Also included is a new Custom Control Panel that allows users to customize tabs and buttons, displaying as much or as little information as needed. Users can customize color, tab names, icons and applications, all from the Control Panel. Plus, they can drag and drop up to 100 different application icons onto 16 user-definable tabbed pages and set password protection for each page. Artisoft, Tucson, AZ, (800) 233-5564. W

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.