Apple Debuts New Network Servers

To meet the high-performance needs of its educational customers, Apple Computer introduced two Network Servers, two PowerPC-based Workgroup Servers and a second-generation Internet server.

All Network Server CPUs include PowerPC 604, FPU, parity memory DIMMs, two internal Fast/Wide SCSI-2 channels, one external SCSI-1 channel, six PCI slots, built-in VGA video and built-in AAUI Ethernet. They run AIX for Apple Network Servers, a scalable operating system based on IBM's AIX version 4.1.4 of UNIX.

In Internet benchmark comparisons conducted by Apple, the Network Server (NS) 700/150 (150MHz) achieved more hits per second and faster throughput than the IBM RS6000/E20, Sun 20/71 and SGI Challenge S. Plus, in a file server performance test, both the NS700/150 and NS500/132 (132MHz) achieved faster sequential reads than the Sun 140 UltraSPARC.

Apple's new Workgroup Servers, meanwhile, suit environments in which both Macintosh and Windows computers are used. Their faster processors and larger hard disks are complemented by AppleShare 4.2.1, new server software that takes advantage of PowerPC technology.

Workgroup Servers 7250/120 and 8550/132 also feature industry-standard PCI expansion slots rather than the NuBus slots of previous units. The Application Server Solution bundles one of the new models with eight software packages for workgroup productivity and administration.

Finally, the Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web combines a Workgroup Server (6150/66, 7250/120 or 8550/132) with the latest software -- valued at over $4,000 if purchased separately -- for creating and publishing content on the Web.

Among the bundled titles are Quarterdeck's WebSTAR, Adobe PageMill, Netscape Navigator and RealAudio Server from Progressive Networks. This solution also includes extensive documentation and tutorials. Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, (800) 800-APPLE,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.