Course Teaches Macintosh Basics

A new module in the PC Tech Knowledge Series, the Macintosh Tech Knowledge Course was developed to acquaint students to the Macintosh computer system.

In the course, students identify, remove and replace major internal parts of the computer; describe the Mac desktop and how it functions; and learn about the operating system. They also practice troubleshooting common installation and servicing problems.

Selected textbook readings and workbook exercises stress information likely to be found on the Macintosh section of the A+ Certification exam. Among the hands-on exercises are how to rebuild the desktop, keep track of RAM, adjust speaker volume and perform screen captures.

The course includes a Power Mac 7200 with 500MB hard drive and 8MB RAM, course materials, an instructor's guide and "parts pack" containing fault insertion and removal modules. Heathkit Educational Systems, Benton Harbor, MI, (800) 253-0570.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.