Firm to Distribute Allegiant Software

Academic Distributing will supply Allegiant Technologies' software and multi-user licensing through all of its 2,000 campus stores and authorized academic resellers worldwide. Schools will now be able to purchase the exact number of licenses required, rather than just the common 5- or 10-pack option. Allegiant, a leading developer of multimedia applications for the Macintosh, recently released SuperCard 2.5. The authoring package boasts 24-bit color, paint and draw graphics, extensive built-in QuickTime and digital audio support, and over 40 SuperTalk enhancements. Proprietary filmstrip animation technology enables interactive high-speed playback of any image series. The scripting language provides complete control of the runtime environment, including several Macintosh system functions. SuperCard 2.5 also assists in creating executable stand-alone applications out of any project file for royalty-free distribution to end users. Three levels of product support are available -- technical, scripting and developer. Academic Distributing, Dewey, AZ, (800) 531-3227, [email protected]

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.