Activities Improve Reading Proficiency

Based on the Failure Free Reading program, Joseph's Readers I puts students through a sequence of activities designed to improve their reading ability and, by extension, their test scores and morale.

The software presents stories on subjects such as Eating Lunch, The Gas Station, Bad Weather and Good Work Habits. It suits beginning, ESL, special education, Title I and Adult Literacy students.

One can click on any word to hear it read, or click on the Play Page button to have the entire page read aloud. An animated activity reinforces spelling for all words encountered in the story.

Joseph's Readers also documents students' progress, with the goal of moving them into traditional instruction when ready. JFL Enterprises, Inc., Concord, NC, (800) 542-2170. DM

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.