Centrally Control Internet Access

Snag-Secure Net Access Guardian centrally and selectively monitors and controls Internet access in the K-12 classroom or laboratory. Its philosophy is based upon promoting personal responsibility among young computer users.

Snag is highly flexible and can be integrated into practically every type of Internet network. Operating at the network-level, an administrator configures an Access Profile for each workstation.

The software monitors status records and reports all Internet activity including site name, IP address, date, time and number of visits to Web, FTP, Gopher and Telnet sites. Workstations cannot access restricted sites, which may be selected according to a school's Acceptable Use Policy.

Snag offers several ways to cull and search sites that have been visited to see if they contain inappropriate materials. Installed on a Windows NT workstation, the software will operate on any platform. Chase Sales Development Co., Pittsburgh, PA, (800) 541-5223, www.snag.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.