Digitally Control Slide-to-Video

The VideoMate 2150MZ is an advanced slide-to-video transfer system that enables digital control of the projector, camera and lens functions through an RS-232 connector. It features random access, a motorized zoom lens, 460 TV lines of resolutions and both Y/C and composite video output.

Users can easily convert 35mm photo, text and graphic slides into high-definition video images.

The unit's RS-232 capability makes it suited to advanced auditorium and boardroom control systems. Random access allows users to pre-program exact slide sequences or randomly jump among slides. Magnification and brightness of each slide can also be pre-programmed.

Images are produced with excellent contrast and color, enabling slides to be shown as large projected images on a TV monitor or video projector without losing clarity.

Navitar, Rochester, NY, (800) 828-6778.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.