Internet SW Installs On NetWare Server

IWare Connect provides a simple and secure way to install, administer and manage Internet access for all PCs on a NetWare network.

The software installs onto a single central NetWare server using resident TCP/IP; a Windows-based configuration tool helps administrators set up incoming and outgoing IP filters. It works transparently with both local- and wide-area Internet IP hosts.

Firewall protection hides the addresses of workstations from hackers and limits access to specified sites. Administrators also may restrict access by users, groups, time of day and type of application.

Finally, IWare Connect provides extensive reports, including denied sites and bytes transferred, exportable to spreadsheets and databases for billing and audit trail functions.

Quarterdeck Corp., Marina del Rey, CA, (310) 309-3700,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.