LCD Panels Boast 800x600 Resolution

The new Z250 and Z255 LCDb projection panels from nView are some of the first true SVGA panels available. Both panels have many of the same features -- the Z250 is for computer displays, the Z255 is for computer and video displays.

The units feature 10.4-inch active matrix displays, and project in 16.7 million true colors with a contrast ratio of 100:1 for crisp, saturated colors, accurate video source reproduction, smooth color transitions, low signal noise and sharp images. The 800 x 600 SVGA resolution enhances image clarity by as much as 56% over standard 640 x 480 resolution panels.

A reversible video cable makes units either PC or Mac compatible; automatic source-signal recognition causes the unit to adjust itself to the parameters of almost any personal computer or laptop.

The Z255 accepts input from up to four sources at a time for multimedia presentations. Dual stereo inputs, a single stereo output and an on-board hi-fidelity speaker complete the unit's multimedia capabilities.

The data-only Z250, which can be upgraded to video with an optional module, comes with a hard-shell carrying case that holds the panel and accessories during storage and travel.

nView, Newport News, VA, (804) 873-1354.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.