Physically Challenged Can Control PC, TV

DeltaTalker with Minspeak is a superb tool for developing language skills for those who need an AAC (Audio Augmentative Communication) device.

The unit's multi-meaning icons can be used to expand a person's knowledge of the world, develop new vocabulary, and introduce language concepts such as categorization. And its backlit LCD display provides important exposure to written language.

Unlike devices which use multiple overlays or pages, DeltaTalker uses a single overlay to code all of a person's language. Since all icons are always visible, people can practice and refine what has been learned at any time. It also offers ten synthesized voices to help fit a person's mood and personality, and promotes pragmatic skills such as initiation and timing.

Finally, DeltaTalker offers optional infrared capabilities that let users control the TV and VCR, provide computer access, open doors or dial phones -- activities that promote independence and improve one's self image.

Prentke Romich Co., Wooser, OH, (800) 262-1933.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.