UPS Adapter Beefs Up Security, Control

Suited for network installations where space is at a premium, MultiNet UPS Adapter is a plug-in unit that expands a network- compatible Tripp Lite int UPS to monitor and control up to eight computers.

Equipped with one "smart" network port for use with the firm's Smart Pro int intelligent UPS and PowerAlertPlus network management software, the unit also has seven additional network ports for use with standard Tripp Lite int UPS systems.

The MultiNet also features multiple LED status indicators to confirm proper operation easily. SNMP compatibility is standard and, when used in conjunction with Tripp Lite's SNMP-2 or SNMP SOLO UPS Adapters, the unit can be used as an SNMP connection to the network.

Tripp Lite, Chicago, IL, (312) 755-5400;

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.