Get College Credit or Degree via DL

Mind Extension University (ME/U) has broadened its offerings to include college-credit courses for high school seniors. A local Colorado district is pioneering the model with their students, who take classes for credit from Colorado Electronic Community College via ME/U. The students watch course material on videotape in a classroom with a proctor, corresponding with other classmates and professors via voice mail and U.S. mail.
ME/U Knowledge TV also offers associate of arts degrees, a wide variety of bachelor's degrees, plus master's degrees. These include an MA in Educational Technology Leadership, an MBA from the University of Colorado and an MA in Business Communications from the International University College, a "virtual university" that links top faculty with students via the Internet ( In a recent milestone, a dozen ME/U students graduated this past spring from George Washington University with master's degrees in Educational Technology Leadership. ME/U caters to working professionals and is affiliated with over 30 accredited colleges and universities around the country. Mind Extension University, Englewood, CO, (800) 777-MIND,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.