Web Site Organizes Biology Information

The Biology Place (http://www.biology.com) is a new Web site designed by a team of biology educators that teachers and students can access to help them explore and use the Web with a focus on inquiry-based learning.
The site is organized around eight topics commonly covered in general biology introductory courses: biological chemistry, cells, genetics, evolution, diversity, plants, animals and ecology. Highlights in each topic area include Learning Activities, Research Updates and "The Best of the Web" links. Features are updated continually throughout the academic year, and the site's other features include a Members' Forum; Teaching Resources; and a weekly game intended to stimulate class discussion. The Biology Place is open for a free preview until September 13; thereafter a subscription will be required to access the service. Peregrine Publishers, Inc., Wakefield, MA, (888) TBP-SITE.

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.