Cable Service Links to News Sources

Ingenius, developers of What On Earth, announces Ask A.N.D.I.E., a current events resource for primary and secondary students. The product links to more than 20 major news sources, including USA Today, Business Wire, Kyodo and the Washington Post Writers Group. Categories and Boolean searches allow users to quickly retrieve specific information. Ask A.N.D.I.E.'s feed is updated continuously 24 hours a day and delivered via cable to personal computers. Ingenius has also revised What On Earth based on feedback from educators to include more in-depth lesson plans and a closer curriculum connection. Delivered via cable and the Internet, What On Earth 2.0 provides six stories every week, written for both 4th and 8th grade reading levels. Ingenius, Denver, CO, (800) 7PC-NEWS,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.