Media Retrieval Sys. Is Flexible, Modular

SchoolNet is a media retrieval and distance learning system that supplies total integration over fiber optics or an existing RF/cable network, including Whittle Channel One. The system links one classroom or entire campuses to a centrally located media center housing computers, videodisc players, VCRs, CDi players, etc. Devices are accessed and controlled on a scheduled basis by a variety of remote controls in the classroom. Options include a wireless hand-held transmitter, wired control panel, wireless keyboard, telephone and computer. Media requests are handled by Windows-based scheduling software and can be entered from the classroom or remotely over a LAN. SchoolNet communicates with the latest models of audiovisual equipment; it also supports satellite and cable TV sources. Rooms or media sources may be added or changed with only simple software modifications. The system accommodates up to 1,000 rooms and 1,000 sources. Some functional highlights are unlimited advanced scheduling of events, a built-in Courseware Database for cataloging instructional materials, all call and zone paging, messaging and e-mail, usage logs and support of videodisc barcode wands. Crestron, Cresskill, NJ, (800) 237-2041.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.