Reference CD Named Best of '96

Facts On File, the 56 year-old publisher of reference books and CD-ROMs, has received Curriculum Administrator magazine's District Choice Award for their Landmark Documents in American History CD-ROM. Named as one of the "Top 100 Products of 1996," the disc was also distinguished as an "Outstanding Reference Title, 1996" by RASD/ALA. The CD-ROM explores more than 500 years of America's history, complete with photographs, illustrations, video clips and introductions explaining the significance of each document. From the Mayflower Compact to the Contract with America, Landmark Documents brings together 1,200 primary source materials related to American History curriculum. The disc includes over 400 pieces of major legislation; 200 inaugural addresses and speeches; 150 reports, debates and party platforms; 100 treaties; and 100 letters, essays and book excerpts. Facts On File, Inc., New York, NY, (800) 322-8755.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.