System Enables Live Collaboration

RoundTable is a dynamic real-time collaboration system for the Internet and Intranets, combining text-based chat with the capability to share programs, graphics, audio and more in a designated "canvas" workspace. Joining a RoundTable meeting is as easy as following a link from a Web page. No videoconferencing equipment or special hardware is required. For a demonstration, visit ForeFront's Home Page ( and link to an active meeting. The RoundTable window is organized into three "panes": the Chat Panel, for sending and viewing text; the Meeting Roster, which lists participants; and the Canvas, a workspace for sharing information, whether documents or videos. One technology training company in St. Louis uses ForeFront to conduct weekly interactive sessions with students and instructors. The system accommodates an unlimited number of participants. The ForeFront Group, Houston, TX, (713) 961-1101.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.