CDs Boast Links to Special Web Sites

Time Blazers, a new series of CDs for children, are distinguished by having companion Web sites with continually updated complementary activities and material. Designed expressly to address the seven learning modalities, the CDs suit children 8-12 years old. In the first title, Devils Canyon: A Dinamation Adventure, students ride a robotic dinosaur, the Cyberaptor, back in time. While conducting research, they must maneuver the creature through various activities to solve prehistoric mysteries and save Dr. Cope, the mission leader. In Space Station Alpha: The Encounter, the second CD, students enter an abandoned alien spacecraft. By gathering clues and interacting with strange devices, students learn about science, mathematics and technology as they try to unlock the aliens' secrets. Robotic dinosaur manufacturer Dinamation International Corp. was a development partner for the first title. And the Young Astronaut Council was a development partner for the second. TeraMedia, Washington, DC, (800) 818-3990,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.