Deluxe OHPs Add Lamp Chargers

The Elmo HP-L3550H and HP-L2900H overhead projectors output over 4,000 lumens of light from an 82V/410W FXL lamp. Some highlights are rack & pinion focusing, up to 30-degree tilting angle adjustment, and forced-air cooling by a motorized fan. Deluxe models (DX) add quick lamp change devices. A safety interlock switch cuts off power when the stage frame is opened, and another switch cuts off power if the unit overheats. When folded, the plastic-body projector measures 13.0" (W) x 16.8" (D) x 28.0" (H). Convenience features include a large on/off switch, front power cord storage and pen tray. Also new from Elmo, the HP-L11 OHP magnifies up to 8x, with image sizes ranging from 3.3' to 6.6'. Its solid metal body fits snugly on most any tabletop. Elmo Mfg. Corp., New Hyde Park, NY, (516) 775-3200.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.