Discover "Virtual" Science in New Series

Exploring Form and Function is the first program in the CampOS Science series from Pierian Spring. CampOS Science provides a 3D, interactive environment where students conduct scientific investigations, collect and manipulate data, and hone their critical thinking skills. Various instructional scenarios provide students with the opportunity to learn by doing. Students visit "stations" such as the Aquarium, the Nerve Express, Dig It, Genes and Traits, the Private Lives of Paramecia, and the Recycling Center. Each station can serve as a focal point for class discussions, cooperative learning and individual study. At the Aquarium, for example, students control a fresh water ecosystem. They adjust temperature, acidity, turbidity and oxygen level and determine the effects of these changes on various plants and animals they have placed in the aquarium. CampOS Science aligns with National Science Education Standards and integrates well with existing science curricula, complementing textbooks, laboratories and field trips. The program is suited for grades 4 and up. Pierian Spring Software, Portland, OR, (800) 472-8578, M

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.