Grad Students Get Stat SW at Discount

SPSS, one of the leading statistical software packages, can now be purchased at a special rate by graduate students. There are two different versions, one aimed at Business/MBA students and the other at Social Science and Research Students. Both Graduate Packs are under $200 and include the SPSS Base and SPSS Professional Statistics; the Business version adds SPSS Trends, the other adds SPSS Advanced Statistics. The newest versions of the Graduate Pack features new presentation capabilities that give students full control over the appearance of tables of statistical results. Other new capabilities include flexible pivot tables; a Navigator that gives a bird's-eye view of all the output from users' analyses; and an extensive help system that offers "What's This?" pop-up explanations, definitions and rules of thumb for statistical terms appearing in the output and context menus. SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, (312) 329-2400,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.