SW Helps Beginning Writers With Words

WordAid is a simple yet flexible writing package that runs alongside any Windows-based word processor and presents learners with alphabetical and topic-based word lists. These word lists are designed to speed up the writing process, enhance vocabulary and assist with whole-word sentence combinations. For example, if dinosaurs is the chosen topic, the learner can choose to have the dinosaur word list featured permanently on the screen. Once a letter has been typed, the alphabetic word list will display any words beginning with that letter. As more letters are typed, WordAid will attempt to match the partial word with words from its memory store. Although incorporating many features of a word predictor, WordAid is simpler, allowing users to add to and delete from topic or alphabetic word lists. Unlike a predictor, it d'es not move the position of words in a list by frequency of use, nor d'es it automatically learn misspelled words. WordAid also has features of use to slow typists or switch users with special needs, and the firm offers Switch Access for Windows software. ACE Centre, Headington, Oxford, UK, www.rmplc.co.uk/edu web/sites/accent/index.html

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.