AOL 3.0 Boasts Major Enhancements

America Online (AOL) Version 3.0 client software for the Macintosh sports major enhancements in content, performance, ease of use and Internet access. A redesigned interface for e-mail includes a new Address Book and Spell Checker, incorporating technologies such as Apple's QuickTime, AppleGuide and Text to Speech. Graphic images now render progressively, reducing time spent waiting for art. In addition, menus and toolbars sport an improved look and feel for easier navigation to frequently used areas. New AOL features are added "on the fly" as applets without need for manual downloads. AOL 3.0's welcome screen has a "fast path" to the Internet, utilizing Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser. Other highlights include a Buddy List that indicates when friends are online and My AOL, a customizable area with personalized information and references. America Online, Vienna, VA, (800) 827-6364.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.