Interface Card Lets Teachers Control PCs

The CLASSNET CardRoom provides instructors with a lower-cost yet fully functional alternative to the original CLASSNET control system. With CLASSNET CardRoom, teachers can take over keyboard or mouse functions of any student station to demonstrate a particular concept. They also can transfer screens to other individuals or groups to share exemplary work, or darken any number of screens to get the class' attention. The interface card can be inserted into an available slot in the teacher's or student's computer, eliminating the need for an external device. Functions can be performed from a hardware control panel or from Windows- based software; this suits classrooms or labs with limited worksurface space. By scanning monitors at sequential intervals from 5 to 99 seconds, the instructor may observe student progress, intervening if a problem is detected. Minicom, Holland, MI, (800) 922-8020.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.