Use Fiber Cable on Copper Ports

The Onan Token Ring Fiber Optic Transceiver Model 8450 allows fiber optic cables to be used on standard copper lobe ports. It is designed specifically for those sites that have IBM Model 8228 or similar Multi-Station Access Units (MSAUs) and want to expand or upgrade their network with one or more fiber optic drops. As a powered transceiver, the Onan Model 8450 inserts in the network like a workstation. Multi-vendor support means one can connect the transceiver to almost any other token ring UTP or STP concentrator or MSAU and still realize the benefits of fiber optics. Backward compatibility has been maintained with older Onan Model 8400 and 8500 series devices. Onan Corp., Minneapolis, MN, (888) ONAN-CORP,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.