Videoconferencing System Has T.120 Gateway

The new eclipse gold is a mid-range videoconferencing system optimized for best-quality video at 384 kbps bandwidth, using 30 frames per second. An "open" T.120 gateway lets schools investigate data collaboration. The system, priced at 15%-20% less than comparable models according to CLI, is fully compliant with the ITU H.320 and high-resolution full Common Intermediate Format (CIF) standards. Using CLI's exclusive Self-Guide wireless remote, participants can easily control an entire conference, including all video, audio and camera functionality. The eclipse gold product family comes with a pan/tilt/zoom camera, table-top camera and hand-held remote. Standard functionality includes the T.120 gateway, H.320 full CIF and quarter CIF, a choice of NTSC or PAL video format, full duplex audio with echo cancellation, far-end camera control and camera presets. Models ship alone or with a 27" or 32" monitor. Compression Labs, Inc., San Jose, CA, (408) 435-3000,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.