Fax Server Package Supports GammaLink

RightFAX's fax server software has added connectivity to GammaLink's multi-port fax boards for Windows NT, providing a reliable and cost-efficient fax solution for mid-size to large organizations such as colleges and some K-12 schools or district offices. 

GammaLink fax boards are scalable from one to 12 ports on digital, T1 and direct inward dialing (DID) interfaces. Users of this hardware can now utilize RightFAX's powerful fax engine and innovative routing features. 

The RightFAX product line runs on Windows NT Server, Novell NetWare and IBM OS/2 Warp Server networks. RightFAX, Tucson, AZ, (520) 327-1357, www.rightfax.com 

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.