PC-to-TV Converter Requires No SW Drivers

The EMOTIA JR converts the PC video of a VGA card (640 x 480) to NTSC or PAL standard video and S-video without any software drivers. 

Its hand-held size suits traveling presentations where connection from a laptop needs to be "plug and play." The converter can also be used to connect a VGA PC to a "video-only" LCD projector, consumer TV or video projector. In addition, JR is available as a PC add-in card. 

EMOTIA JR received the TeleCon XVI Award for "Most Significant Advancement in Desktop Videoconferencing" in October, and NAB '96 Editor's Pick of Show. Extron Electronics, Anaheim, CA, (800) 633-9876, www.extron.com

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.