Web Browsers Wait Less for Multimedia

Allegiant Technologies released beta versions of Roadster, its plug-in for Web browsers that delivers true interactive multimedia applications over the Web.

Based on Allegiant's award-winning SuperCard authoring tool, Roadster provides a complete authoring environment that supports bit-mapped and vector graphics, text, animation, sound and QuickTime video. It also supports nearly all of SuperCard's SuperTalk scripting language. 

Roadster also gives developers unprecedented script control over loading and caching media, to maximize scarce bandwidth. Rather than requiring viewers to wait while an entire project downloads, Roadster lets developers provide a simple start-up interface, or "shell," and stream additional data in the background as bandwidth allows. 

Roadster is being released with SuperCard 2.5.3, with features designed to support Roadster. Allegiant Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA, (619) 587-0500, www.allegiant.com. WM 

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.