Direct PCs to Boot from a LAN Server

BootWare products enable networked PCs to boot from a server rather than from their local drives. BootWare ROMs are installed in the ROM socket of a LAN adapter and support NetWare, RPL and TCP/IP protocols.

By directing users to boot from the server, administrators can upgrade the entire network in the same time it would take to do just one workstation. Changes made while workstations are in use are picked up at the next boot ó without disrupting productivity.

In addition, boot files stored on the server remain protected from end-user modifications, corruption and piracy. Software detects and destroys boot sector viruses. Where a boot file problem d'es occur, the LAN administrator can diagnose and correct it from his or her desk.

BootWare permits optional local booting so that users can, for example, try new operating systems without permanently migrating. Lanworks Technologies, Inc., Toronto, Canada, (800) 808-3000, [email protected].

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.