Ericsson PBX Boasts Modular Architecture

The Consono MD110 PBX is a full-featured, stored program controlled, digital switching system that supports simultaneous voice and data communications over a single pair of wires. A modular architecture accommodates varying requirements for size, functions, software security and traffic capacity.

Based on open standards, the system can be expanded at any time by adding stackable modules to any main or remote site. Within each module, energy-efficient circuits remove the need for cooling fans. Remote modules can have any degree of autonomy, from being an extension contractor with internal traffic to a virtually separate PBX with its own operators in connection to the public network.

The Consono MD110 PBX offers applications such as a call center, voice messaging and business PCS. Ericsson, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC, (800) 374-2776.  

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.