Ethernet Hub Takes Advantage of Fiber

The Model 8800 Fiber Optic Ethernet hub is a stackable, 11-port fiber hub with two 10BASE-T ports and one additional AUI port that can be used to create or expand an Ethernet network.

Designed with education facilities in mind, the hub lets customers take advantage of fiber optic cabling, which carries benefits such as lower maintenance costs and extended distances between devices.

In large installations, the Onan Model 8800 can be stacked up to four units high through a special bus on the back. When used in conjunction with the Onan Model 8700 (a nine-port 10BASE-T hub) or Model 8701 (17-port 10BASE-T hub), fiber cable can connect the hubs together while copper can be used to interface to the end-user. Onan Corp., Minneapolis, MN, (888) ONAN-CORP,

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.