Network Computer Costs About $600

TelaVista is a 586-based "NC" -- a computer to explore the Internet or run on a network at about half the cost of buying a standard PC.

Coming with either a modem or a network interface card, the compact unit houses a Pentium or AMD processor (75 -166MHz), Ethernet LAN controller, 32/64-bit VGA controller card with 1MB VRAM and 8MB memory.

Pre-installed software includes Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft NetMeeting. Standard ports include two serial, one parallel, a game port plus a microphone jack and line-in, line-out jacks. Optional components include a floppy disk drive, hard disk, CD-ROM drive or sound card. Add-on cards provide additional functions.

TelaVista systems are currently used by the Texas Dept. of Health. Micro Media Solutions, Inc., Austin, TX, (512) 476-6925.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.