Search Database for College Scholarships

CollegeNET has introduced a free Web search engine that helps students locate over $1 billion in private scholarships. By logging onto, one can search the MACH25 database, endlessly refining "what-if" scenarios to create a personalized list of financial aid sources.

The service protects students from a growing number of illicit operations that supply bogus scholarship information, sometimes charging thousands of dollars. "MACH25 breaks the scams by providing a fun, superfast, easy-to-use, professional quality search engine free of charge," says Jim Wolfston, president of CollegeNET.

Visitors to CollegeNET also can research where they would like to attend school by conducting searches by tuition, major, geography, sports program, enrollment and other criteria. Plus, the site offers direct, paperless admissions applications to many institutions. Universal Algorithms, Portland, OR, (503) 973-5200.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.