Community License Suits Home Schooling

Forest Technologiesí new Community License allows schools, districts, educational consortiums or county education services to purchase software at substantially discounted prices. 

Of note, the new licensing program is open to parents and others for their home use. In fact, home and school purchases can be combined to earn the lowest possible pricing -- $12 per software title. There are no membership fees, and buyers can mix and match titles and platforms. 


The Community License covers 55 titles for K-12, such as American Heritage Childrenís Dictionary, Classroom Publishing on the Web, Ideas that Changed the World, Louvre Museum CD, Media Weaver and Turbo Math Facts. Minimum purchase is 25 units at $20 each, with at least five units per title. Forest Technologies, West Dundee, IL, (847) 428-2184,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.