Fla. Is Locale for EcoVentures

In EcoVentures: Learning in Floridaís Environment, middle school students become part of a fictional team working with EPA staff to develop a management plan for R.U. Green State Park. 

Developed by the Interactive Media Science Project at Florida State University, EcoVentures is a multimedia program designed to teach students about Floridaís aquatic environments and the issues related to protecting and managing such resources. 

Three components are included: a Level III videodisc and software, a student text and a correlated lab manual with many hands-on activities. 

Video clips set the fictional context, describe research activities at each subsite and raise questions for students to investigate. A variety of onscreen tools are available to help students, who can also ìconsultî scientists. 

The complete EcoVentures package is $300, for Macs with System 7, or IBM compatibles. Contact: Florida State University, College of Education, (904) 644-8422, e-mail: [email protected]. 

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.