Interact w/ Students Via LCD Touchscreen

A sophisticated computer control and display routing system, Insight enables instructors to monitor studentsí progress by viewing their computer screens or communicating with them via intercom. 

From their own compact interfaces, students can ask and respond to each otherís questions; share their screen contents; or communicate directly with the instructor. The system helps eliminate the isolation that often exists in computer classrooms while improving the pace of instruction. 

Through an 'EM partnership with AMX, Tech Electronics provides an LCD touchscreen, from which instructors can interact with any number of students, even those at remote locations. When combined with an AMX AXCESS Control System, Insight lets one control environmental elements such as lighting, video projection, screen positioning and audio reinforcement. 

Instantaneous video switching is handled over standard coaxial cable to facilitate incorporation of multimedia content including full-motion video from multiple sources. 

The product works with any software package under most operating systems. All components operate independently of memory, processor speeds and networks. Tech Electronics, Norcross, GA, (800) 572-4935,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.