Kids Get Inspired to Invent

Inspired by "Invention," the long-running Discovery Channel series, Invention Studio gives kids a virtual environment and tools for learning about and building inventions such as new cars, airplanes, better mouse traps and more. 

The program is hosted by an animated guide, Doc Howard, who offers step-by-step pointers and motivation throughout the invention process. Doc takes users through each step, from doing research on past inventions or coming up with ideas and recording them in the journal, to testing knowledge of scientific principles. 

In the Lab, kids can choose to design and build countless vehicles and gadgets, putting them to the test in the simulated environments of the Testing Ground. Once built and working correctly, inventions are then ìregisteredî at the Patent Office where Doc Howard presents budding inventors with their very own patent certificate. Discovery Channel Multimedia, Bethesda, MD, (800) 678-3343,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.