Language Learning System Goes Entirely Digital

Sonyís Opus LLC-2000MH Language Learning System allows up to 64 students to directly access program material on the hard disk, thereby supp

In addition, teachers can fully incorporate video, audio, graphics and CD-ROM content to create innovative and unique presentations tailored to the class or student. Up to 30 minutes of drill time per student can be stored directly onto a hard disk and backed up onto a Magneto Optical disk. 

The LLC-2000MH RS-232C serial communications protocol interface has been expanded from the previous model to include output of student attendance data, remote control of the consoleís control panel functions, and initiation of playback of voice files. 

The system comprises a Control Console, LU-2000H hard disk storage units and EU-20C educational units. Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ, (800) 472-SONY,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.