Order a Customized Macintosh Clone

From APS Technologies comes the MïPOWER line of of Mac OS-compatible personal computers. Customers can order a system with the exact drives and other options they need, without ìfeaturesî they donít want.

Priced hundreds of dollars less than machines with similar performance, APS MïPOWER systems incorporate Motorolaís advanced 603e and 604e PowerPC processors. A pre-configured system that suits K-12 education, the MïPOWER 603e 160 packs a 160MHz processor, 16MB of RAM, three PCI slots, a 1.2GB hard drive and 8X CD-ROM drive -- all for under $1,400. 

A high-end system, the 604e 200 has a 200MHz processor, five PCI slots, 2.5GB hard drive and 24MB of RAM. Its mini-tower design includes five drive bays. 

The Build Your Own Box option lets one select the drives, memory, graphics card(s) and other internal components desired. APS also sells different brands of monitors and external modems. APS Technologies, Kansas City, MO, (800) 862-6805, www.apstech.com. 

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.