SW Helps People Reduce Accents

Speech Works: The Accent Reduction Tool has been updated with onscreen video help and an extra practice section that randomly displays all the target sounds emphasized in each unit. Now delivered on CD, Version 2.0 also boasts a new interface that puts audio controls in one convenient place. 

Created by two speech pathologists at Northeastern University, Speech Works follows the principle that people can improve their pronunciation by hearing their own imitations of ìmodel speech.î Users listen to a digitized recording of a model voice (male or female), record their own voice, and compare the two. 

Students choose their native tongue from a menu of 30 languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese, and the program indicates which of its 24 lesson units will be beneficial. Found in the Professional Version, a special set of tools called the Clinicianís Stack lets teachers evaluate student progress, organize data and prepare customized reports. 

Educators may obtain a fully functional demo CD of Speech Works 2.0 for $25; those who return the CD within 30 days get their money back. TRINITY Software, Campton, NH, (800) 352-1282, www.hfk.com/trinity.html

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.