Tutorial Pkg. Targets Microsoft Office

The Advantage Interactive Series comprises five CD-ROM software tutorials that help one learn Windows 95, Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, Access 7.0 and PowerPoint 7.0. 

Step-by-step lessons turn beginners into ìpower usersî able to incorporate text, tables, art and charts from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets into PowerPoint slides, for example. Learners will also gain the ability to mail merge in Word; build data entry forms and sophisticated reports in Access; write Excel macros; create animated and automatic slide shows in PowerPoint; and more. 

Hundreds of hands-on exercises provide feedback and additional instruction. Video-based case studies reinforce lessons, and users may toggle between onscreen lessons and the actual application to apply newly-learned skills to specific problems. Finally, the CDs link to Internet resources that offer help with, discussions of and tools for each application. 

For educators and corporate trainers, the Advantage Interactive Series supplies various quizzes that test and reinforce skills as students advance from lesson to lesson. Test questions are linked to topics to assist users in reviewing important concepts. 

The five CDs may be purchased separately or as a suite. Richard D. Irwin Publishing Inc., Burr Ridge, IL, (800) 338-3987, www.irwin.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.