Utility for Newton Enables Shortcuts

Newtonís Reflex is a well-named shortcut utility for the Newton PDA. The software lets one create personal menus to simplify complex jobs and reduce the time needed to perform many common tasks on the Newton. For example, one can place frequently accessed applications in one of three menus. 

Reflex menus also can contain ìActions,î which perform in a single tap what would otherwise require two or more taps. It ships with 44 pre-set Actions including ìGo to last note,î ìBeam my card,î and ìPrint Queued Itemsî and users can also create their own. 

Third-party developers can create Actions to work with their programs. Casady & Greene, Salinas, CA, (408) 484-9228, www.casadyg.com

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.