Word Processing Unit Aids Visually Impaired

Designed for blind and visually impaired people, the Braille ën Speak 2000 is a stand-alone word processor with voice output, a speech synthesizer and Braille-to-print translator. A 20% increase in RAM over the previous model permits storage of over 2,700 pages of Braille (or 780 single-space, typewritten pages). 

Braille ën Speak 2000 comes in 15 languages and can be programmed to hold two simultaneously. Users may switch between the languages of their choice with one command. The two-pound product also doubles as a calculator, clock and address book. 

Other improvements include new connectors, longer-lasting batteries and the ability for customers to install their own software upgrades. The unit can read any IBM-compatible disk. Blazie Engineering, Inc., Forest Hill, MD, (410) 893-9333, www.blazie.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.